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Hello. My name is Alexander (Aleksandr) Popov.

I’m 18 years old, but I think person experience and opinions are more important than age.

I’m from Moscow (Russia), but I can relocate and make the same things in a lot of places.


I’ve finished a school in a class with advanced study of physics and mathematics with excellent grades.

Then I went to the university for “Programming Engineering” and learned some interesting things like PHP, JavaScript, MySQL.

I’ve not finished it because I don’t like such disciplines like philosophy, history, quantum physics and computer chipsets from the ’90s: they were required and took around 80% of time.

I think, I’m ready to study “Computer Science” in a good university (probably in another country).

English language

My level of English around Intermediate. I do my best and I like it more than Russian, probably because of its laconism and simplicity.

And I want to learn it more, and I think it’s easier when living (or communicating) with English speakers.

I use my gadgets (smartphone, PC, etc.) and all services (sites) in English, also I search information almost every time in English, and I use English for open-source discussions and all commits.

Software development


I love Ruby Language.

I like snake_case and OOP.

But I can write a code in any language. My experience includes C, C++, Pascal, Delphi, Go, PHP, Java, JavaScript. Especially JavaScript.


I’m Software Engineer. I was leading a team with up to 10 members. I can design application architecture. Also usually I communicate with other teams (like Mobile Development) and departaments (like Marketing).

Skills levels

CodersRank profile.

Open-source projects and activity

I love open-source too much, here is my GitHub profile.

Projects (experience)

Complete list on this site.